* about us *
Matt Sexton
Matt Sexton, the group's founder and
namesake , was born in Owensboro,
Kentuchy. Matt, who has been indulging
his passion for male impersonation for
a number of years now, collaborated
with "Hollyrock Promotions"Tynker's
Too/Club Rage) in October,1999 to
create Matt Sexton and Company. Matt is
a pretty humble guy and attributes much
of the success of Matt Sexton and
Company to his cast: "They must have
been sent from Heaven, is all I can say.
Great bunch of people!." Matt reigned as
Mr. Tynker's 1999 and as the group's
leader, Matt never lets the cast forget
why they are successful: "Because of the
fans. Without the support of the
audience, we would not exist." Though
the group takes up much of Matt's time
and energy, he still manages on
occasion to work on his cars and ride
his motorcycle.
Cole Stevens
"Diamond Cole"
Smooth as a newly polished
gemstone, describes Cole's
performances on stage, hence the
nickname Diamond Cole.
He was born in Columbus, Ohio, but
now calls Louisville his home. Cole
began "kinging" in 1996 with the
group Saphic Obsession. In 1998 the
group changed their name to
Effeminate Illusion.Cole joined the
cast of Matt Sexton and Company in
August of 2001.
Kevin Kane
Kickin' Kane
He started his drag career as a guest performer for
Matt Sexton and Company in January 2000, and
fell in love with male impersonation. About
performing he says, " After that first time on stage, I
realized I could be anyone I wanted to be, and
share emotions we all feel at some point. I am
definitely more outgoing on stage than I am in my
everyday life. Performing becomes an addiction of
sorts...like you can't get enough of the stage, the
fans, the cameraderie, the fun!"
And fun Kevin Kane has, as he moves around the
stage, dancing, rappin', and kickin' out a great
The Boyzz By Knight
DL Dawson
Who's your daddy?
DL Dawson began "Kinging" as a guest performer
with Matt Sexton and Company in November of
1999, and joined the cast in June of 2000. DL says
that the camaraderie that exists makes all the time,
effort and rehearsals worthwhile. When not
performing, you might find DL hard at work on the
computer updating this website (his creation)
DL earned the name "Who's Your Daddy" when he
won the crowd over with his own rendition of the
Toby Keith song.