May 2003 Show Film Footage and Pics!
Film footage of our opening production number, "Baby I Would"_____
WOW!!!  May's show crowd was awesome!  We kept having to go to the back and get more chairs as the room continued to fill up!

The Boyzz performed two new productions,  "Baby I Would" by OTown and  Uncle Kracker's  "Drift Away".

Roz did a sultry performance of Celine's  "I Love You" and  teamed up with DL for the duet, "Love Is Blind".

Our special guest , Haywood Jablomi, from Lexington did a great job on both of his numbers, I especially enjoyed him doing Smash Mouth's,  "All Star".

Pictures here are from the show...... Make sure to check out the Backstage room for Blooper's Film and the Fan's Page for a Sequel Film taken from pics at this show.
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